Hangzhou Xixi Hotel

Hangzhou Xixi Hotel is located in the northwest corner of Xixi Wetland National Park, which is an urban wetland, an agricultural wetland, and also a cultural wetland, being the only wetland like this.

Embraced by the lush trees and tranquil lake, the Hotel has its grandness and grace matched well with the beauty of Nature.

Tranquility and quietness spread around.

Dongwan, where the Hotel is located and which is the central area of the Xixi Wetland, is enfolded by the crisscrossing rivers and fishponds,

as well as natural lakes of various sizes.

The tranquil and elegant natural environment ensures the private social space for guests.

Thus, the area is one of the areas in Xixi that owns the best ecological environment.    


【Like Nature Itself】

Hangzhou Xixi Hotel covers an area of 47 hectares and has 273 rooms and suites.

The grand and elegant main building is shielded by trees with winding paths through them.

With streams flowing around, the hotel displays its oriental charm.

The scenery rooms have a favorable view on the winding streams and waving reeds.

The interior design is graceful and steady, integrating simplicity, elegance, with silence, matching well with the waterscape of Xixi. When you step into the hotel, you feel yourself as if in Arcadia.

Also, rooms are equipped with latest inside technological facilities such as high-definition flat panel LCD TVs, wireless network, allowing our guests to have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

The villa is shielded by the lush trees of Xixi Wetland.

You can sit leisurely in the arm chairs which are next to the water landscape platform;

Or, you may go boating, searching for the ancient beauty of Xixi Wetland.

The hotel provides the 24-hour butler service with the meticulous and considerate service.

The hotel will present its lasting and shining radiance to your honor.


【Banquet and Gentle Talks】

In the open lobby bar, the charming whole scenery of the Wetland is unfolding in front of the guests like a huge painting. The bar provides coffee and Jiangnan-style teas and delicious party food. The distinctive Dongwan Tea Party in Late Spring gives you a chance to seek for the history of Dongwan among the blooming flowers.

Yee Garden Specialty Restaurant provides you with unique special dishes prepared by experienced cooks with their exquisite culinary skills, allowing you to have tasty dishes in the environment combing modern atmosphere with traditional Chinese elements.     



Hangzhou Xixi Hotel is the optimal place for holding banquets and conferences in West Hangzhou. It has six distinctive halls covering an area of more than 1,863m2, including Dongwan Hall, Meishu Hall, Meizhu Hall, Jiaolu Hall, Xixi Hall, and Tingluxuan.  

The halls are equipped with internationally first-class advanced facilities, which can meet the requirements of various international meetings. What’s more, the free wireless network in the meeting rooms and public areas ensures your contact with the outside at any time.


【Enjoy the Fitness】

The Hotel provides you with complete fitness and leisure equipment, including the fully-equipped gymnasium, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and children swimming pool where you can relax, play, or do sports. You can exercise in the aerobic rooms, or you may swim in the shimmering swimming pool to feel the cool, or you can also play tennis with your friends on the grassy outdoor tennis court. All these sports can help you maintain your energy and health situation.     



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